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Monday, November 8, 2010

Curious Georgia

I am considering changing Daisy's name to Georgia because she is curious about everything!  We had a doggy DNA test done on her to find out what kind of mix she was, and I was just sure that she would be part blood hound because she sniffs everything.  No such luck there, she was 70% Collie, 20% Great Dane,  and approx. 10% Australian Afghan.  I still think that if she didn't have a name when we got her (and we didn't have friends who have a super cute daughter with the name) I would be calling her Curious Georgia today.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself!

 Hi! I'm Daisy and I am all worn out from all of the bad things I've done today. 
Let's take a look:
 I chewed up my toy-box, because toys weren't fun enough...
I chewed mommy's shoelace, because I don't want her to leave...
And I chewed a hole in the bed-skirt because mommy was on the phone and not paying attention to me!
Trust me, being bad isn't easy!  I've gotta get my beauty sleep now so I can do it all again tomorrow!