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Saturday, October 9, 2010

So, here we are 9 days into October and I haven't posted anything this month.  It is not that we have frozen ourselves in time for the past 10 day, but rather that I haven't thought of anything noteworthy to blog about.  Our lives have been fairly routine lately with few(er) dog adventures to write about...at least on my part.  I think that my husband might have a different opinion on the matter.
Since I have started working more of the home and dog care duties have fallen on Adam's shoulders.  I can't say that I really mind this at all.  It is nice to come home to dinner on the table, the dog already walked, and any mess she made during the day cleaned up (ish).  I think I could get used to this...
But back to the messes part.  Because we feel sorry for our dog who has to stay in her kennel during the day while we are gone, we have tried on two separate occasions to leave her on the porch during the day.  On days when we are home Daisy spends countless happy hours on the porch simply watching the world go by below, however, when we leave something horrible must come inhabit our animal.  She poops, turns over her food and water and then tries to shred the bowls, and who knows what else.  We tried this a few weeks ago and then again this week with no improvement :(  
So it is back in the kennel while mom and dad go to work.
Maybe we should just get a life sized doll and stand it up in the doorway so she feels like she is being watched...not an entirely bad idea!

I will try to post more frequently for the rest of the month!

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