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Saturday, October 16, 2010

You're Never Too Big to Sit on Mommy's Lap

Last night when I got home from work and started unloading my pockets of the day's contents, I discovered that I had an important piece of paper in my pocket that needed to go in a patient's chart.  So, after dinner Adam, Daisy and I went back up to the hospital to return the paper...and go get some Curley's Frozen Custard afterward : P

When we got back in the car after custard Daisy decided that she wanted to sit on my lap.  It was sooo sweet!  She just curled right up and leaned her head on my shoulder during the ride back home.  Since she is not much of a cuddly lap dog this was a special moment...and we caught it on camera to share with the rest of you!

To gauge just how much she has grown since we got her:  on August 2nd Daisy could curl up on my lap and have a little extra room to spare, now "curled up" up means taking up all of my lap and most of my torso!

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