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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Small Step for Dog, One Giant Leap in Dog Training

Okay, the title may be a bit of an exaggeration, but today was a much better dog training day.  Last night ended with Daisy in trouble and getting sent to her kennel and me going to bed almost in tears.  It seems that after I posted about potty training Daisy needed to test her limits once again, and again, and again. After having just been outside...ugh!
But, every day is a new day with a fresh start. With a little more puppy time, two pretty long walks and regular bathroom breaks we have been accident free today and most other mischief has been kept to a minimum as well.  There is hope!
The next two bad behaviors at the top of my training list are: leash walking and barking.  
It would be safe to say that Daisy is a bit of a home-body.  She doesn't mind going outside, but if you take her out of her element (i.e. the park) she kind of freaks out at tries to run back to the car.  This morning on our walk I basically had to drag her because all she wanted to do was go back home.  Despite the frustration we kept plugging alone because I am sure that consistency pays off sometime, and I know that she is due for a good long nap after we get back home (thus allowing me time to get other things done).  Since Texas has been blessed with a cool front and Daisy was furiously digging at the carpet this afternoon I decided it was time for another walk.  However, this second walk was like walking a different dog!  She actually walked the entire time, no dragging required, save for a little re-direction back on the path. AMAZING!  I hope she keeps this up tomorrow!
As for barking I am still kind of at a loss for this one.  Daisy doesn't bark at people outside or other animals, she barks for attention...during meal times.  I can pretty much count as soon as I sit down to eat that she will be at my heels putting on her sweet face. After of a few moments of the sweet face not getting her the attention she wants she decided to voice her opinion.  Not happening.  At first I tried ignoring it, she didn't get the message.  I tried the "No Barking" command to no avail.  Then I resorted to the pacifier (rawhide bone).  This seemed to work, but how do I get her to realize that she should just go find her bone in the first place?  And where do dogs learn to beg?  It is not like we have ever fed her food from the table, so why does she think she is entitled to some?
Oh, well! Just a few more things to work on!

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