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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stretched to the Limit

Last night our friend Ben came and spent the night in our guest bed (a.k.a  futon) since he and Adam were riding in the Hotter n' Hell Hundred  bike race this morning.  We moved Daisy's kennel from the living room into the bathroom so that she wouldn't keep anyone up during the night.  Here is what I found when I walked in the bathroom to get ready for bed last night:
I think that she might be outgrowing her kennel? 

Daisy and I went on a 2.5 mile walk this morning and she did so well!  Having a dog is a great way to lead a more active lifestyle.  I would probably never have started walking everyday, but now that I have a reason to get my lazy butt out of the apartment everyday I am really enjoying it!  The sweet lady who lives below us told me the other day "you sure do walk your dog a lot." Yeah, but I don't mind.  It is saving my carpet from accidents and my mind from insanity...plus it is getting me back in shape.
One thing that I do have to say about Daisy is that she is a shade fiend.  She would run in front of a  moving vehicle in order to get to a 6 inch patch of shade on the opposite side of the street (this is not an exaggeration, she tried this several times today).  She may be a smart dog but I think she is lacking a little common sense.

Having a dog to love on you when you don't feel so great is a wonderful feeling.  Here is a pic of Daisy keeping a watchful eye on Daddy while he recovers from his bike ride:

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  1. Our Molly sleeps in the most contorted positions no matter how much room we give her. It's precious. I'm enjoying your posts.