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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Fresh and so Clean, Clean

Puppy potty training is an ongoing process. Most of the time Daisy does well, as long as we stay on schedule.  However, it never fails that as soon as someone asks me how potty training is going and I say "great! we are almost accident free!" that Daisy feels the need to prove me wrong.
This happened yesterday after having the above conversation with my mom.  No sooner had I hung up the phone than Daisy was popping a squat in the middle of the room!  However, I am always armed with Nature's Miracle pet stain and odor remover so have no fear!  I cleaned up the mess and moved on.  I even took an extra measure and used some Glade Carpet & Room odor eliminator carpet powder when I was vacuuming up last night (which I will review later on).  
But this morning as I was sitting on the floor near where the aforementioned accident happened I found myself thinking "I smell urine." Gross.  I take great pride in having a clean home so I really, really, really do not want my house to smell like dog or even worse: dog urine.  This led to me viciously smelling all the carpet (a sight to see I'm sure) and then getting out Nature's Miracle again and pouring, not spraying it all over.  Pouring is a much more effective method and I think that I have conquered the smell...for now.

Now back to Glade...My former roommate used some sort of carpet powder in our apartment and I thought it smelled wonderful.  So, I was super excited when I had two coupons (courtesy of Couponing101) and was able to get a great deal on it.  I got the fresh scent for pet odors because, duh, I have a pet.  At first it does have a fresh scent, which then turns to old cigarette scent.  Can't say I am a fan of it, but that being said I have a whole container left and I'll probably break down and use it again...maybe the second time will smell better.

And because every blog post is better with a picture:

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