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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am the Human Popsicle

Yes, this is true.  Daisy thinks that I am a human Popsicle...of the orange blossom variety.  
Now that I have fully confused all of you, let me explain myself.
Everyday when I get out of the shower Daisy comes into the bathroom and likes to lick my legs.  This is really kind of gross and makes me feel like I need to take another shower now that I have received a thorough licking-over.  I am currently using Nivea body wash which smells wonderful, but evidently it tastes pretty good too.  I am almost out though and bought a different brand of body wash so maybe Daisy won't find this new flavor so delicious.
And just another random note on body washes to all of my couponing friends out there: how come there are always buy one get one free coupons for men's body wash but never any for ladies?  I use just as much soap as my husband and would appreciate a free-bee every now and then.  I guess I could break down and use some Old Spice body wash, but I like to exert my femininity by smelling like vanilla, or coconut cream, or orange blossom :)

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