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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Tired: this word sums up exactly how Daisy and I feel, except that we are not tired for the same reasons.
I started work this week so I have been gone from 7-5 due to orientation.  While I have not gotten into the actual nursing part of my job, sitting in a classroom trying to absorb details about what my new job will be like is extremely exhausting.  I am a creature of habit and any time I am faced with change (even if I have been anticipating and looking forward to it) my body responds by going into shut down mode.  This means that I get extremely tired and want to sleep all the time.  I knew this would happen when I started work because of the change of routine, but I am currently experiencing the effects of this.

Daisy is tired of staying in her kennel for extended amounts of time during the day.  For a dog that is used to being in her kennel only a few daylight hours at a time, mommy's new work schedule is just as trying on her as it is on me.  When I get home at night she has TONS of pent up energy and an appetite for attention.  So while I want to come home and veg out, she is raring to go!

I know that things will settle down in a few weeks and we will get into our new routine.  I won't have to work every day of the week so my dog won't be so spastic...but I can't wait for those days to get here.

What a depressing post!  When I have time to gather my thoughts and put my life back in order this weekend I'll post about more interesting and entertaining facts of life :)

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